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New Year Downtown


Time to celebrate New Year’s Eve Downtown. Another year in the books. And what a year it was.

Downtown Houston is well on its way to becoming the true cultural heart of Houston. This is being accomplished by hard work from the city and local businesses and the people who live here. There are many great events happening all over Downtown. Most are right next to each other. Our Holiday Guide shows over 40 parties.



We have posted a handy Holiday Guide below. Scroll down.
If you think it’s useful, we ask that you tell one friend about it.

Now that you are considering celebrating with us, here is some information you may find helpful.

THERE IS A BRAND NEW 800 car parking garage at Travis and Prairie. It is called One Market Square. Their official address is 800 Preston. Please consider taking the MetroRail, Uber, Lyft, Taxi or using PARK & RIDE for the celebration. Please look for emergency no parking signs before parking. If you drive downtown, please use this website to locate a garage:www.downtownhoustonparking.org or Check downtownhouston.org/parking to help find parking spots.

This is New Year’s Eve. Please dress accordingly. This is a chance to dress up and put on your best. Many locations will have a dress code. Some will not. Ladies the best part about Downtown is how close all the venues are to each other. Wearing heels downtown is much easier than other neighborhoods.

Majority of these events will be 21 and up. Please notice that we did not select Kid Friendly.

At this time we do not know if the city will have fireworks. They did in the past. Last few years they said no because of Super Bowl and Harvey. Fingers crossed that they bring it back. We have heard unconfirmed rumors that they City of Houston does NOT have a fireworks show planned. If we hear something for certain we will post about it on our Facebook page.

Most of you get it. COME DOWNTOWN There are a lot of cool places doing good things.

Thank you
Thank you so much for reading all of this. We are excited to ring in the new year with you!! And to reflect on the old one. Since you read this we think you have a strong interest in attending. Please consider sending a personal invite to one friend who you think would also love this event. At the end of the day, the most fun events are about the people who attend them. Bring us your most fun friend. We will do the same. We will all ring in the new year together.

This page is intended as an informational page. Registration not required to attend any individual event. Each event may have it’s own requirements.

By registering we will inform you of updates to events downtown as we see them. We will also inform you of other events happening Downtown in the future.

(At this time, this page is a placeholder. We will continue to post updates to it. We will not post anything we don’t know to be true. PLEASE DON’T just assume whatever you want and then be mad that you made plans on your own assumptions. We will put in at least 100 hours of our own time collecting all the information we can find on this Holiday. Then we will put it into a FREE guide for you. If you don’t like that or need information sooner, we invite you to do your own research. Heck share that with us and save us some time. We love you and we love Downtown Houston)

We don’t know if y’all will make this event viral. IF you do, we will be limited by Facebook in our ability to edit the page. Updates and information will go to those who have registered. And eventually in the form of the Holiday Guide which will also be pinned to the top of our Facebook Event Page. Didn’t see it in your news feed? We don’t know why Facebook would or would not show you an event. Don’t feel like manually going back to the page to see the pinned post? We can’t help you there. Register or join our mailing list. Then we can email you.

Who are we?
***Downtownfest Houston is our page. Please check it out to see who we are and what we do.
If you want to be more active, join our facebook group. Downtownfest Houston Community or mailing list***

PROMISE: What we are promising is to make a Holiday Guide that has all of the information that we can find and know to be true. It will be in a graphical layout as a high quality image file. You may print it if you wish. If you have bad eye sight you can zoom in or ask a friend to read it for you. If you don’t know how to zoom in or print, we can’t help. We don’t know your phone/computer.

Again we are doing all of this work for free. We think we are being helpful. If you don’t, help us or ignore us. Join the community group or block us if you really don’t want to see it.

We don’t advertise. We do a lot of work and share it for free to be helpful. If your friend, tells you this is something it’s not, call out your friend. If you don’t read or have poor comprehension skills, ask us a question. We’ll try to get back to you. If it’s in the middle of the event, we probably won’t answer. If one of the venues changes what they tell us, sorry for inconvenience. We recommend confirming details with the venue you plan to attend. Our intent was to be helpful.

December 31 2018


Start: December 31, 2018 @ 10:00 pm
End: January 1 @ 2:00 am
Cost: Free
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Downtown Houston

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